About Us

Del Arto Furniture is a group of international friends owned and operated wholesaler of solid wood furniture based in Bali, Indonesia.

We are passionate about the design our furniture and offering our customers beautiful pieces that are built to last.

Our manufacturing partners in Indonesia use wood from renewable and sustainable forests, combining modern technologies and extensive
woodworking experience to craft quality products.



At the foundation of our company we set out to overcome many of the critical issues present in the industry. In order to do this we came up with 5 fundamental goals:

   Provide well-drawn and sturdy, designer quality furniture at a sensible price.

    1. Ensure proper sustainable working conditions.

    2. Eliminate unnecessary price mark-ups associated with physical retail.

    3. Provide a healthy, mutually beneficial business-customer relationship

    4. Use materials that are environmentally responsible.

As a company we have seeked out manufacturers who also stress their own environmental and social concerns. The majority of our furniture was designed by the talented young european designers. They experience and knowledge with solid wood furniture means that our customers receive only the highest quality products available.

Our business works its harderst to provide customers with a positive experience. In order to do this, we have enlisted support staff and opened up social media platforms so that we can be in constant contact with the customer and always be available to provide for any customer’s needs.